The Top Twelve 2013 titles I Missed

I made a resolution this year: to take on less review copies and read more freely. Practically, this means getting to the many 2013 titles I missed last year. Already I’ve taken on two of them: Claire of the Sea Lights and The Ocean at the End of the Lane (my current read). Here are some others I’m looking forward to!

want nottransatlanticthe sonseparatenesssrosienight filmmountains echoedamazementlexiconbone seasonlowland

Have you read any of these? Tell me if any are amazing! Are there others I should add to the pile?

9 thoughts on “The Top Twelve 2013 titles I Missed

  1. I’ve only read The Rosie Project on this list. Lexicon, Want Not, and Night Film are high up on my TBR list – Night Film especially, several readers I trust have loved that one.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get to S and The Rosie Project, too. Plus, I’m desperate to read A Tale for the Time Being and Americanah. I wasn’t thrilled with Night Film (but I seem to be very much in the minority) and didn’t make it through more than 20 pages of The Bone Season. Want Not, Illusion of Separateness, The Son and Lexicon are great, though.

  3. I’m hopefully going to read The Rosie Project in time for Katie’s “Fellowship” book club.
    Greg Zimmerman and Jeff O’Neal gave Americanah a great rec, so I’d like to read it too, Same for A Tale for the Time Being since it’s a ToB contender.
    I know you didn’t love Night Film – I’m just really curious about the format – I think I’d kind of like it. Same with S.
    And I remember you DNF-ing the Bone Season – who knows it might be a great escapist read if I pick my timing right.

  4. Oh Want Not and And The Mountains Echoed are still on my list! I found a signed copy of And the Mountains Echoed!

    Btw, is there a way to follow your blog by email? I feel like I keep getting behind on your posts, but I follow really well when it comes to my email!

    • Only problem is just can’t stop requesting 2014 arcs! So much for my resolution. I hope I still get to a bunch of these, though!

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